Friday, January 9, 2015

STYLE: Chewbeads

My friend Kristyn wore a strand of these really cute large turquoise beads to a party about a year ago and I complimented her on them. She told me they weren't real costume jewelry, but these safe spongy rubber-type beads for teething babies. You guys, this blew my mind. Being pregnant with Arlo at the time and knowing the chewiness that comes with baby territory, I couldn't wait to get my own.

Fast-forward about six months and I had my wee babe in my arms and he was so drooly and trying to eat all my unsafe vintage necklaces. I called around town and found out that both our baby boutiques downtown Boise, Cassis Kids on Idaho and Buns in the Oven in BoDo, carry Chewbeads. They are 100% silicone necklaces that are cute for mom and safe for baby. They come in a variety of styles, but the classic one I'm wearing here is the least expensive, running about $29.99. The colors are fun and funky (I picked bright yellow but they have more muted colors like brown and black if that's more your style) and I can't even tell you how much Arlo loves them. As soon as I put them on in the store, they went straight in his mouth. Worth every penny.


  1. I love the yellow on you! Aren't these great?

  2. Kristyn, Yes! Thanks again for the recommend.

  3. I have the yellow Chewbeads, too! I wore them all the time when Addy was that age. I'm actually still wearing them, because it's really fun jewelry, too.

    1. OF COURSE YOU DO, Kate! Because we've got good taste. I think I'll keep wearing them, too, except I kinda want to pass them on to my sister in about a year when her babe is teething.