Monday, September 20, 2010

STYLE: 1970s Terrarium

Yes, this is the corner of my living room. Yes, that is the arm of one of my fabulous Breuer chairs in the corner. And, yes, I know how lucky I am. I inherited this vintage 1970s white plastic terrarium from my in-laws. The tulip base and the dome are in near perfect condition and this thing has been in their southeast Idaho barn since the late 80s, I'd guess.

A terrarium is basically a miniature landscape with tiny plants and often small animals, like lizards. I opted to plant a desert garden minus the creatures. The little drift wood, plastic deer and rock painted with yellow flowers were in the terrarium when I got it, leftover from my husband's childhood. He has such fond memories of peeking into this miniscule world (much like this girl) and really wanted to share that fun with our girls.

There are lots of fantastic websites devoted to building your own terrarium out of whiskey bottles and other recycled objects. I have to admit, it was fun to landscape on such a miniature scale and I love bringing the outside world inside with something a bit more unusual than potted plants (which we already have plenty of). Plus, again, doesn't it compliment my chairs so well?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

SUMMER: 2010 Wrap Up

I think I mentioned this before, but this was seriously the best summer I can remember. We spent most of our time away from home, celebrating Idaho from north to south and the natural beauty of Wyoming's grand national parks. I just went through the hundreds of photos we've taken since June and was overcome with happiness of good times spent together outside, mainly, taking in the pine-scented air and the warm sun. We were in a wedding and swung sparklers, captured frogs and hiked to hot springs, caught up with cousins and started first grade. Our faces look browned and relaxed and the girls look dirty and happy. Now, as I sit on my couch drinking coffee to keep warm, my windows are open and I feel the crisp fall air seeping in. My mind is filled with tasks like cleaning and putting away camping gear and beach toys, harvesting our garden and mini orchard, and getting homework done. While I'm ready to don sweaters and bake bread and pull out the Halloween decorations, the first weeks of September are always a transitional time, filled with excitement for BSU's football season tinged with a longing for those long, hot days of the past. Here's our summer story, in photos:

Friday, September 3, 2010

THRIFTY: Marvelous Moscow Finds

Our summer was pretty much spent on the road, traveling to fabulous Idaho retreats and wilderness weekends. It was absolutely the best summer I've had in years. We spent time in our tent and numerous cabins, roasting marshmallows, browning our shoulders on lakes, catching water snakes, celebrating family, slipping down water slides, and drinking beer under the stars. Of course, I made sure to stop at garage sales in Idaho Falls and every thrift store in Moscow. And, wow, did I really make a haul. These are just a few samples of the goodness that I hauled home from the northern part of the state.

First of all, I couldn't believe how inexpensive the thrift shops were in Moscow. For a college town, the prices were really reasonable and not at all jacked up like they often are. Also, I noticed how many more shops there were than when I lived there in the early 1990s. Lucky kids. Anyhow, I found several great VHS tapes (yes, we're still old school like that) for under a buck a piece, including our new favorite The Sound of Music and our not-yet-favorite-because-it-scares-the-shit-out-of-Lucy Gremlins. (A big oops on Mama's part, but we'll hide that one for now and try it next year.) Alice's new favorite is Mickey Mouse, so these Disney glasses have a great, clean, retro sensibility and fit in nicely with our others at 50cents a piece. The large green plastic platters and iron-on letters are GLITTERY! which pretty much means I'll buy them. Glitter is big in our house, and those silver letters are about to adorn some super cute Christmas gifts. And those glitter platters will also be adorned by some super yummy Christmas cookies when the season rolls around.

On that note, I also picked up some killer vintage finds for holiday and birthday gifts because I'm crafty and think way ahead. They aren't pictured here, however, because some of you lucky recipients read this blog. I've been collecting retro cake carriers lately and can't get enough of them. Especially when they are in great condition are are only $2. And I've been collecting vintage Pyrex for quite some time, so when I found these two lovelies for $4 and $2 I had to have them. The little gold frame is for an upcoming art exhibition/project I've been invited to participate in by contemporary dance genius Trey McIntyre. And those darling orange glass candlestick holders? Perfect for Halloween! All in all I spent less than $30 total at Moscow's three thrift shops, around $10 at each store. I got so much more than this, including my new favorite Idaho Vandals t-shirt and sweatshirt, a sketchbook for Lucy, and some great back-to-school gear!