Monday, July 29, 2013

About Lucy

Hello my name is Lucy and I am going to be one of the writers on the awesome blog.  I'm nine years old and going into fourth grade so I'm pretty young to be a blogger. 

Amy Pence-Brown is my mom the one who started this blog.  I'm also a big sister to Alice my little sister she is so curious and funny.  You might of heard of me and my sister on my mom's posts.  I'm lucky to be a blogger most kids don't get to do this awesome job.  I hope you like me as a blogger and I hope I like this job, too.


Monday, July 1, 2013

KIDDOS: Spring shots

A few shots from the last few months of these daughters of mine I can't get enough of : My baby girl learns to write her name and gets creative all over the place. || She also joins a team sport for the first time (soccer with the Boise Nationals) and is more aggressive than I thought. || Lucy & Alice at Sara Smart's BOISE 150's Sesqui-Shop photo booth in April. || Dressed up as old west pioneers in the most creative kids' space I've seen in an Idaho museum. || The girls love the Ramona books as well as the screen version of Ramona & Beezus, so we took them to see the stage version in Idaho Falls. || Face painting at the school carnival. (Apparently mustaches are all the rage with tween girls these days. Who knew.)