Tuesday, August 27, 2013

BOOK REPORT: Fun on the Run


As part of my reading this summer, I picked up a couple of books on parenting based on some reviews online and this was one of them. We spent the majority of our summer on roadtrips and camping and this tiny guide seemed perfect (really, it could fit in your pocket or purse). Fun on the run! 324 Instant Family Activities is divided into easy to read sections like outdoor games, dr. office games, restaurant games, and baby games. While I didn't really feel the sections were necessary, there were some fun ideas throughout the book. Mostly, though, the games really work best with older kids, with many complicated spelling and repeating games that were pretty advanced for my five- and nine-year-old. I didn't learn a lot of new 'tricks' from this book, but it was a good reminder of old classics, like I Spy, writing with your fingers on the other's back and trying to guess what it says, staring contests, juggling three items, and drawing faces on your hands to make a 'finger puppet.'

Thursday, August 15, 2013

BOOK REPORT: No Regrets Parenting

A few months ago, when I was featured on 3 Things for Mom, I came across some great fathers to follow during her Fathers Day week. There are so many great dad blogs out there, and, of the guys Lauren featured that week, Harley Rotbart was one of my favorites.

So much so, that I immediately searched for his book, No Regrets Parenting: Turning Long Days and Short Years Into Cherished Moments With Your Kids, at the Boise Public Library. What a great, quick read and resource for mamas like me, who are looking at the big picture of life with kids. Dr. Rotbart is an experienced pediatrician and, more importantly, a father of three grown kids of his own. His insights into raising kids right with no regrets are spot on. After reading the book, I was thrilled to see that Eric and I already practice so many of ideas he suggests: that money isn't necessary to 'buy' cherished and memorable trips and adventures with your kids, checking the family calendar each Sunday together for the coming week, and little traditions, like our weekly Taco Night. He had some fantastic additions that I can't wait to implements, like evening Pajama Walks, teaching the girls to drive, and quick cell phone calls on walks between college classes in the future. His ideas are so simple and wonderful, that I think this might be one of the greatest parenting books I've ever read. It's so worth it, friends. Pick it up today.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

CULTURE: Silver City

My whole family and I went on a day trip to Silver City.  It is an abandoned ghost town, but not any more its not.  In the summer their family stays there in a building their relatives owned.   It took 3 hours on the drive, on the drive you drive on the freeway and turn on to a dirt road.

There is a cute little store that sells diamonds, crystals,and real live gold. Also they sell  rock candy that tastes so good .  We also played in a creek and we found crystals in the creek.

They also have some awesome pie and sarsparilla I never had sarsparilla but I guess I don't like sarsparilla we got these at a cute little restaurant.                                                                                                                           

Saturday, August 3, 2013

CULTURE: Fat and Happy

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know that I'm fat, happy and proud. My activism, in the Fat Acceptance and Health At Every Size movements has gained momentum over the past two years, and I'm thrilled to post some links to a couple of my most favorite accomplishments of late.

A little over a year ago I was selected to give a 5 minute presentation on fat acceptance for Ignite Boise 11. If you're not familiar with the Ignite format, click here. Getting up in front of a packed house (nearly 800 folks!) at the Egyptian Theater in Boise and telling them how much I weigh was terrifying and exhilarating.
For some reason, I can't get the YouTube video to embed in this here blog, but you can watch it here.

This summer, I was thrilled to be one of the moms/writers on 3 Things For Mom, offering up my truth, tip and a find by blog found, Lauren. It was such an honor, and an important way to spread the body love message. Click here to see my post.

Being an activist is hard work, and I've had my fair share of bad days and nasty comments from 'friends' on Facebook about body positive concepts. It can be exhausting and sad, but is mostly important and wonderful. Being happy with who you are and helping others on the self-acceptance journey is pretty crucial and special work.  And I'm honored to do it.