Friday, January 11, 2013

KIDDOS: Knock Knock Joke Book

My girls, Lucy and Alice, love jokes. Knock knock jokes are their favorites, as they are the easiest to understand and tell, and it takes some group effort.

I picked up this book for 10 cents at the senior center thrift shop a while back and it is HIGHLARIOUS in my household. (I don't know why this damn photo is sideways; I've uploaded it three times now and it appears to be correct but it's not. I've given up. Whatever.)

The illustrations are straight up 1970s and I don't know why the book is titled the "World's Worst Knock Knock Jokes" because they really are pretty great.



  1. This is fantastic! When my sister Shannon and I were small, she got a knock knock joke book from the book orders, and every single week during our weekly call to our grandparents in California, she'd pick a few to tell them. She was convinced they waited with bated breath for the next one! Such fun when little kids begin to develop a sense of humor!

    P.S. Blake's current favorite knock knock joke for your pleasure:
    Knock Knock.
    Who's there?
    Interrupting Cow
    Interrupting C-

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