Tuesday, August 31, 2010

AMY & REE: Red Velvet Cake

For Eric's birthday a few weeks ago I let him pick from all the cakes in the Pioneer Woman's cookbook. Much to my surprise, actually, he chose this Red Velvet Cake with buttermilk cream frosting. Lucy and I whipped it up that day, and it was actually quite easy. The use of cake flour and buttermilk make it moist and delicious. And, of course, the FROSTING IS TOO DIE FOR. Lucy decorated the top with green gummy frogs because a) Daddy loves gummy candies and b) Daddy caught numerous little frogs for the girls to examine over the course of this summer. He was surprised and delighted and we invited some family over to enjoy it with us. At the end of the night we were still left with half a cake, which I pretty much took care of over the course of the next week. And I wonder how I gained 10 lbs. this summer...

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