Friday, June 5, 2009

STYLE: Coffin Couches

So, of course I fell in love with Coffin Couches when I first discovered them a short while back via The Internet. These ingenious entrepreneurs/artisans have stolen my heart with their reasons for using discarded coffins from Southern California funeral homes. First, their unique recycling vision should be applauded (you can read more about it here and here). Also, just look at their attention to style, craftsmanship, and color. I'd kill for this cutie:
If only I weren't recently laid off and abiding by The Compact, I'd love to throw down the $3,500. I'd die to have this one for my living room:
The second reason I love Coffin Couches has to do with my former life as a mortician's assistant and my freakish interest in the history of the macabre but fascinating American way of death. I became a death art expert in graduate school, working as an art historian for Minneapolis' Lakewood Cemetery, one of the more famous cemeteries in the country, as well as writing my thesis on the history of American funeral homes. Strange how the odd but interesting path my life has taken also influences my taste in home decor.


  1. beautifull, my dream couch. i would get one if i ever have the money, i mean hey were dying everyday, mise well get one and try to get used to it, besides im a goth not emo or punk, a true goth and not a devil worshiper, i belive in god just like metal and black clothing and dark things with out the evil. hahah, but i would love to have this couch it would be great to see my friends and familys faces if i got one and they came over just the looks would be worth the money.